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About LawLocal.ca

lawlocal.ca is a website that connects residents of local communities with top rated local Lawyers and Legal Services. When in need of legal representation in a specific area of law, LawLocal.ca makes it easy to find a Lawyer and read and write reviews about their legal representation experience. Whether Civil, Criminal, Family, corporate, or every professional legal service in-between LawLocal.ca gives users online access to their friendly neighborhood Law Firms for advice or representation and is quickly becoming available to online users in major cities across Ontario Canada.


We are firm believers that the success of any Legal Practice is solely based on its client's experience. It is strengthened by Great Service, Professional Attitudes & Conduct, Knowledge & Experience along with Attention to Every Detail.

LawLocal.ca helps establish Client / Lawyer relationships and client referrals!


Our Mission

To help the the longevity of LOCAL legal practices through repeat and referral business achieved by client satisfaction.

To maintain the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness in our relationships with our Users, Sponsors, Staff, Partners, and Advertising Customers.


To Become the "Ultimate" Local Lawyers and Legal Service Guide that people in every major city in Ontario can count on.




Our Business Model

Our business model is to provide our users with a helpful filter system, where every featured Legal Practice on our site, individually and collectively, dedicate themselves to providing our users (customers) with exceptional service, and professional integrity. and we do this through the involvement of the right team of professionals inside our office and out.


Driven by Lawyers and Legal practices

Driven by Clients

What We Offer

An easy to use Directory for visitors to navigate and locate Law Firms in their community.

Direct Target and Exclusive Advertising opportunities to Local Lawyers and legal service providers.

The Law Society regulates Ontario's legal profession in the public interest. Legislation passed by the Government of Ontario, (primarily the Law Society Act and Regulations made under the Act) authorizes the Law Society to license Ontario's lawyers and paralegals and regulate their conduct, competence and capacity. Always Check with the Law Society before hiring any lawyer listed on our site at https://lso.ca

The Law Society regulates the lawyers and licensed paralegals of Ontario in the public interest by ensuring that they meet appropriate standards of learning, professional competence and professional conduct. always research a lawyer with the law society

at https://lso.ca after using our website before retaining an advertised lawyer


  • We strive to bring the best support to each and every user and advertiser in each respective community we serve.

    We value our Management Teams. Through combined innovation and initiative we seek to retain only the most talented, responsible, and mature individuals dedicated to resource reputable law firms and legal practices to help maintain hi quality services to everyone that uses our website.


We strive to team up with experienced representative staff in Ontario to locate reputable Lawyers in each community and help support their practices by introducing their services to local clients.